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Buying an apartment, studio or commercial area in SUNNY HOUSE FAMILY is an investment purchase that guarantees you a safe profitability and returns for several years.

What does an investment property mean?

Investment property is land, building or parts of a building /APARTMENT/ or both held /by an owner/ rather to receive RENTAL INCOME or for capital appreciation or both, than for use in manufacturing production or rendering of services, supply of materials and goods, for administrative purposes, for staff /whether staff pay rent and at market prices and/or for sale within the economic activity of the enterprise. This definition makes it clear that only land and buildings can be classified as investment properties which are held by the reporting entity IN ORDER TO GENERATE INCOME. Investment property is a long term financial asset.

Why to invest in INVESTMENT PROPERTY in SUNNY HOUSE Complex?

• Opportunity for profitability throughout the year

• Guaranteed return in the summer /May to September/

• Guaranteed return on investment within a few years

• Home for vacation in a quiet and calm place

• Maintenance throughout the year

Инвестиционен имот в съни хаус