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SUNNY HOUSE FAMILY is a modern building which offers a variety of apartments and studios. The apartments are clean areas, furnished in a light modern style, and offer all modern amenities – bedrooms, comfortable furniture, table and chairs, a kitchen area, equipped with a TV, refrigerator and air-conditioning. There is a free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Bathrooms are equipped with shower cabins. All apartments have terraces, some of which have a panoramic view to the sea. The hotel is entirely designed for a family vacation and it is located right next to the sea. SUNNY HOUSE FAMILY is the right choice for clients who wish to find some peace and quiet. The Staff offers a high quality service and is always ready to meet the needs of its guests.


Price Summer 2019 :





1. Continental breakfast: (boiled egg, white cheese, cheese, ham, tomato, cucumber, butter, jam or honey, toasted bread, hot drink, cold drink).

2. Bulgarian Breakfast: (fried pan slices, white cheese, yoghurt, tomato, cucumber, jam or honey, hot drink, cold drink).

3. Optional omelette: (classical style, cheese or yellow cheese, ham, hot drink, cold drink).

4. Roasted sandwiches: (optional ham and cheese or cheese and yellow cheese, tomato, cucumber, hot drink, cold drink).

5. Healthy breakfast: (muesli with milk or yoghurt, honey, fruits, hot drink, cold drink).

6. Pancake: (with strawberry jam or chocolate, hot drink, cold drink).


Warm drinks: coffee, tea, warm milk

Cold Drinks: fresh orange, yoghurt with water (mix), cold milk